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Ontario Municipal Board Proceedings Begin Tuesday, September 13th

No Casino Peterborough will be taking its first step in the Ontario Municipal Board proceedings this Tuesday, September 13th, when the OMB holds a prehearing at City Hall, starting at 10:00 a.m.

The majority of Peterborough residents, in official and unofficial polls,  have expressed opposition to the casino for more than three years. City Council approved the Gateway site at the entrance to the city, selected by the gaming corporation Shorelines for a casino in May, but there are three appeals to that decision based on the fact it is against the Official Plan of the City.

Go Fund Me website for No Casino Peterborough

To residents of Peterborough:

For three years No Casino Peterborough has asked City Council to say NO to a Casino within our city: for economic reasons, for branding reasons, and for social reasons. This reflects the will of residents who voted 65% for the NO side. It also reflects the view from most cities in Ontario, including Barrie, Kingston, Toronto, and Waterloo. Sadly, last May seven members of City Council voted with the mayor to allow a casino to come within the city, despite no public poll taking place.

This has now been appealed, and an Ontario Municipal Board prehearing is set for September 13, with the main hearing itself likely taking place later in the fall.


Update from May 9 - The Planning Commitee voted 8-3 to rezone Crawford Dr for a casino.
On Monday May 16 at 6 pm there is a Public City Council Meeting at Showplace Theatre, where the councillors will vote a final time on this issue. All are welcome to attend.


MYTH: The casino has to move from Fraserville.
FACT: The BC gaming company's statement from March 8 2016 clearly states that one option is an expanded casino at Kawartha Downs:
"OGELP expects to spend up to $49.0 million... to either replace the gaming facility at Kawartha Downs with a new facility at a new location or to redevelop the existing site." (bold added)


A large casino (600 slot machines) is proposed for Crawford Dr. off the 115

Kingston voted to keep their branding and improve their future; their casino is outside the city.

You can have a say through your councillors. Call or email. See City contacts link above.

Let's keep a buffer zone from a casino, and find better ways to develop Peterborough...

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